DarkDan's Trusted Coca~Cola Dealer List


Since I've been collecting for quite some time, I have established a list of my favorite stores. Please note that I do not list stores which I have not done business with, or stores which I have experienced excessively long shipping delays. Only the best here!


  • Vintage Soda Collectibles & Machines
    1960 E. Thompson Blvd.
    Ventura, CA 93001
    (805) 643-8867
    This is where I purchased my
    Coke machine from. The company is actually a sun roof installation shop that has a set of Coke machines that they have professionally restored.
  • Coca-Nuts
    3232 E. I-240 Service Rd.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73135
    (405) 672-5600
    A great majority of my small collectables come from this wonderful Coca Cola antique mall. The owners rent spaces for anyone to sell here, so there is a great diversity of products and a nice variation of prices. While most are a little on the high end, you can find great deals by digging.

Web Sites:

  • www.2collectcola.com
    If you collect the stuffed Coca-Cola animals, you need to visit this site. The woman who literally
    wrote the book on Coke bears and stuffed/plush collectables, runs the site and is extremely helpful.

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DarkDan's Data...

Dan's first Coca~Cola collectable was a antique bottle carrier given to him by his parents in his very early youth.
He used to put rocks in it!